Saratoga Monument Virtual Tour part 5

Line drawn diagram of main chamber of Saratoga Monument.
Locations of first 8 plaques in main chamber (1st floor) of Saratoga Monument.

Saratoga Monument, Main Chamber (1st floor)

Bronze plaque portraying Britain's King George III and political advisers.

Plaque 1: King George and his Ministers

"King George and his ministers devising methods for the unjust taxation of the American colonies."

Bronze plaque with somewhat negative portrayal of women of affluence in British society.

Plaque 2: Ladies of the British Court

"Idle, effeminate, sensuous, extravagant, and wasteful; demanding for their support the taxing of the colonists."

Bronze plaque with stylized portrayal of women in American at time of American Revolution.

Plaque 3: Women of the Revolution

"Industrious, self-denying, frugal, clothing and feeding themselves and their families and giving aid and comfort to an army of defense."

Bronze plaque portraying a town meeting during the time of Colonial America.

Plaque 4: The Town Meeting

"The people instituting the means of self-government for the protection of their natural rights."

Bronze plaque portraying an American colonists' rally.

Plaque 5:

"The rally of the people for the defense of their just rights which resulted in the establishment of popular government."

Bronze plaque depicting American General Philip Schuyler directing several soldiers in cutting down trees

Plaque 6:

"General Schuyler felling trees to obstruct the march of the British Army"

Bronze plaque portraying Catherine Schuyler setting fire to the wheat fields at her family's country estate.

Plaque 7:

"Mrs. General Schuyler setting fire to her wheat fields to prevent its use by the enemy"

Bronze plaque depicting wives of British Officers journeying through a forested area with their husbands' army

Plaque 8:

"Wives of the British Officers accompanying the army in its march through the wilderness"


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