Saratoga Monument Virtual Tour completion

Standing in enclosed chamber, second floor of Saratoga Monument, looking at stairs going up.  A young child stands in front of the stairs.
Now that you've climbed up the nearly 190 stairs to the top of the Monument, you get to see the fantastic views of the surrounding area!
View from the top of Saratoga Monument, with clear, deep blue skies, rich green trees and lawn, light brown farm fields, and faded green hills in the distance.
Here's the view NORTH. In far distance, you can see the Adirondack Mountains. General Burgoyne's British forces had to come down from Canada through terrain like that.
View from the top of Saratoga Monument, looking east.  A road runs from the lower left corner of the view fairly well straight into the distant green hills.  Deep blue skies drop about halfway down the view, and a few clouds sit on the horizon.
Looking EAST, you can see some of the village of Victory, named for the American victory in the Battles of Saratoga. In the far distance, the hills of western Vermont sit serenly beneath a ribbon of puffy clouds. The hills are actually a transition zone between the Taconic Mountains and the Green Mountains.
Looking south, the scene is dominated by the green of trees and lawn, then more trees into the distance.  Halfway up the picture, the blue-green hills give way to high, thin clouds and rich blue skies.

Turning SOUTH, you overlook part of the Monument's property, then part of a local cemetery dating back to the mid-19th century.

In the far distance, you can see a little of the Heldeberg Mountains. The range is actually south of Albany, New York.

View looking west.  The dark green trees seem to dominate the landscape, though actually much development has occurred throughout the area, from farming to urbanization in the city of Saratoga Springs, New York.  The pale blue skies hang gently over the landscape, a contrast to the deep green of the trees.
Finally, looking WEST, the seemingly heavy tree cover actually camouflages a great deal of development, from roads to farms to urbanization in the city of Saratoga Springs, NY. It's still pretty scenery, though.
View down through Saratoga Monument. A winding square staircase descends the fieldstone-lined chamber.

Watch your step on the way back down to the main chamber!

Don't try to go too fast, or you risk leg muscles cramping up....

View of Saratoga Monument at sunrise.  The dark shadow of the Monument rises into the early morning sky, the scene lightly backlit by the not yet risen sun.

Thank you for visiting Saratoga Monument, part of Saratoga National Historical Park. We hope you enjoyed seeing the Monument, and that you'll have a chance to tour the rest of the Park.


Last updated: February 26, 2015

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