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A Crucial American Victory

Here in the autumn of 1777 American forces met, defeated and forced a major British army to surrender. This crucial American victory renewed patriots' hopes for independence, secured essential foreign recognition and support, and forever changed the face of the world.

John Trumbull's painting of Burgoyne's sword surrender to Gates.
1777 Northern Campaign

Learn about Burgoyne's plan to invade and divide New England

chaotic scene of redcoated british soldiers in woods
Sep. 19, 1777: Battle of Freeman's Farm

Follow the chaos of the first day of combat at Saratoga

group of german soldiers wearing blue coats surrounding a cannon to fire it
Oct. 7, 1777: Battle of Bemus Heights

Discover why the second battle was such a decisive ending.

Historic black and white print depicting a camp of soldiers in Charlottesville, Virginia
A Surrender and the Convention Army

Learn about the Surrender at Saratoga and what became of the Convention Army.

composite image including 8 portraits of historical figures

Learn about key historical players from the Battles of Saratoga and those who worked to preserve their legacy and share their story.

Collage of Images of Park Sites
Battlefield Virtual Tour

Explore the places within Saratoga National Historical Park

Black and white photo of CCC work crew posing for group photo

Discover the lesser-known, but just as important, stories of Saratoga Battlefield

Ivory toothbrush missing its bristles, black and white checkered guide on bottom

Get a behind the scenes look at parts of the Saratoga NHP collection!


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