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four views of the Traveling Haversack

Traveling Haversack

What is the Traveling Haversack? Lots of learning fun wrapped up in one small bag!

Using a copy of a soldier's haversack (food bag), this activity kit combines primary source materials and copies of items commonly carried by soldiers during the American Revolution to create a hands-on, small-group based exploration learning experience.

Each of the items in the Traveling Haversack forms the basis for a topic-based activity (tin cup for Drink, wooden dice for Entertainment, wooden bowl and spoon for Food, etc.). Each item is accompanied by laminated cards that contain primary source materials (such as journal or letter excerpts from people during the American Revolution) and questions based on the provided readings.

Schools within the WSWHE BOCES system (Washington, Saratoga, Warren, Hamilton, and Essex Counties of New York State) can request the loan of the Traveling Haversack by contacting the WSWHE BOCES MultiMedia Services office at 518-581-3730 or 746-3730, or e-mail their office. The BOCES item number is "051776"


Traveling Haversack Kit

Outside of WSWHE BOCES System

Not part of that BOCES network? Not a problem! You can put together your OWN Haversack Kit. Here's what you will need:

  1. A copy of the Teacher's Guide;
  2. A list of the items required and possible sources --NOTE: Other item sources exist, and prices listed here or elsewhere may differ from current item costs;
  3. Lamination equipment or self-adhesive lamination pockets;
  4. Time enough to print, cut, laminate, and familiarize yourself with the activity.

Please e-mail our Education Specialist to request a copy of the Teacher's Guide and a complete list of items needed for your Haversack Kit.

Last updated: January 18, 2018

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