Solar panels in the parking lot help keep cars cool.

The visitor center is a zero emissions building, which reduces the amount of the facility's carbon footprint. Our parking lot has been fitted with solar panels that provide electricity and shade for the warm days. Solar tubes are used to provide natural light, which reduces the need for electrical lighting during the day. Another solar innovation to the visitor center is the installation of LED (light emitting diode) lights. LEDs use less energy, produce less heat and are low emission.

Pipes are hidden beneath the surface working hard as to not take away from the natural beauty of the area

Another technique used to reduce the carbon footprint of this building is through a geo-thermal heating and cooling system. Tubes are used to create a closed system that is filled with water that's acclimated to the temperature of the pond. This system uses less energy to get the heating and cooling systems to reach a desired temperature.

How will you reduce your impact on our world?

Last updated: September 30, 2013

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