Climbing Closures & Regulations


The increased popularity and use of the Santa Monica Mountains climbing areas has resulted in identifiable impacts on such resources as soils, plant communities, and possibly wildlife species. In permitting recreational activities, including rock climbing, the National Park Service must ensure that no damage to cultural resources occurs and that every effort is made to protect the park's natural resources and wilderness values.


The followings sites are closed to all forms of climbing until the expiration date of the closure notice below for visitor safety and / or resource protection.

Click on the name of the area for more information such as exact location, routes, and climber's descriptions.

"The Lookout" - South-facing buttress

Echo Cliffs - The Grotto


To ensure that these climbing areas stay open for everyone, please observe the following prohibitions and restrictions:

  • No electric or power drills.
  • No rock altercation such as chipping, chiseling, scraping, or gluing
  • No removing, scrubbing, or destroying vegetation or "gardening".
  • Climbing within 50'of rock art is strictly prohibited.
  • Dogs are not permitted at off trail climbing areas.
  • No disturbing nesting birds or other wildlife.

Last updated: March 20, 2013

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