Take Action Against Stream Pollution


What can you do to reduce and prevent stream pollution?

Rookie Steps

  • Reduce water run-off: focus sprinklers to water lawns and plants, not sidewalks; don’t over water, choose a broom to clean walkways instead of a hose; wash cars at a car wash; and angle rain gutters into planters or lawn
  • Keep trash off the streets: put trash in trash cans, pick up trash (even if it’s not yours); inform businesses if the trash is over flowing; and reduce trash output (specifically plastic) by using reusable products for lunches, snacks and water
  • Pick up after your dog – nobody wants to swim in pet feces at the beach

Rock Star Steps

  • Get regular tune-ups for your car and prevent/repair car leaks
  • Don’t let fertilizers wash into storm drains fertilize when it’s not going to rain and adjust sprinklers to prevent fertilizers from washing off of lawn or out of planters
  • Stop the use of chemicals and pesticides – go organic and chemical free
  • Volunteer at beach and stream clean ups

Last updated: July 12, 2016

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