Take Action Against Light Pollution


Challenge yourself to make a change in local light pollution

Ask yourself these questions about your yard:

  1. Does this area even need lighting?
  2. Does it need lighting all the time?
  3. How much light does it need?

Things you can do to reduce local light pollution

Rookie Changes

  • Point lights downwards by shielding top and sides of fixtures – reducing glare, sky glow and light trespass
  • Turn on outdoor lights only when needed or Install motion sensors
  • Lower wattage for your outdoor lights

Rock Star Changes

  • Make all the Rookie changes
  • Reduce your outdoor lighting
  • Educate your neighbors about light pollution
  • Ask city to modify street lamps to shield lights, directing light down and reducing trespass
  • Promote outdoor lighting awareness in your community

More ways to help:

Attend starry night programs, including star parties
Measure sky glow in your neighborhood
Adopt a street campaign
Look up local astronomers clubs

Last updated: April 21, 2015

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