Take Action Against Invasive Plants


What can you do to prevent the loss of native plants to invasive plants in our natural habitat?

Many of these problematic invasive plants are still sold at nurseries. If you are landscaping your yard, choose plants that are native to the Santa Monica Mountains (and reduce your water bill) or you can choose a non-native plant that is not invasive to the local wildlands. Learn which non-native plants are safest to plant in your neighborhood, at www.plantright.org.


  1. Plant native plants on your property (shrink your water bill)
  2. Plant non-natives that are not on the "Evil List"
  3. Remove the top 10 "Evil" plants from your property
  4. Prevent seed hitch hikers
  • Have one pair of shoes just for gardening and use a different pair of shoes for outdoor recreation activities in wildland areas
  • Stay on trails – helps prevents spread of seeds to new areas
  • Keep dogs on leash and on trails- they spread seeds too
  • Clean shoes and bicycles before and after each recreational outing

Other ways to participate:

Upcoming volunteer events
Sign up to work in plant nursery
Mountains Restoration Trust
California Native Plant Society

Last updated: March 18, 2016

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