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Audio Tour

The National Park Service is pleased to present this self-paced audio tour of Salem Maritime National Historic Site. The tour takes about an hour to complete, and consists of ten stops within the nine acre site.

Complete Audio Tour (41:15)
Introduction and the Historic Wharves (5:18)
Friendship of Salem (5:44)
Custom House (7:04)
Public Stores (2:54)
Scale House (2:45)
Narbonne House (2:59)
Hawkes House (3.39)
Derby House (5:42)
West India Goods Store (4:17)
St. Joseph Hall (3:38)

To listen to this tour on your computer, simply click on each link. To download onto a portable player, from a PC right-click on a link and choose "save target as." On an Apple, CTRL+click, and choose "Download file."

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35 seconds

John Newman plays the tin whistle, a common instrument for sailors to bring with them on long voyages.

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52 seconds

In this time lapse video, you can see our 2016 King Tide cause some flooding on Derby Wharf.

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42 seconds

The Friendship of Salem withstood a heavy Blizzard in the Winter of 2013.

Virtual Tour
For a "Virtual Tour" of the site, click here.

Last updated: May 9, 2019

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