Scout Ranger Program


Why become a Scout Ranger?

Being a Scout Ranger allows you to discover and explore your national parks while participating in educational and/or volunteer service projects. Whether you are visiting a historic site like Salem Maritime or a natural park like Yellowstone, we hope you will learn something about national parks and yourself!

Scout Ranger Patches

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As a Scout Ranger you will:

  • Learn about the mission of the National Park Service
  • Help protect the nation's natural, cultural, and historic resources
  • Explore and learn about your national parks
  • Achieve unique recognition from the National Park Service. Participants can earn a:
  • Certificate
  • Patch

How Can You Earn a Certificate and/or Patch?

  1. Participate in organized educational activities or volunteer service projects for a minimum number of hours at one or more national parks. Activities can include viewing park films, attending ranger-led tours, exploring park exhibits/buildings, reading about the park, taking photos in the park, service projects, etc.
  • Certificate: participate in five (5) hours of qualifying activities
  • Patch: participate in ten (10) hours of qualifying activities
  1. Download and use the activity sheet to track your hours and activities.
  1. Get your certificate/patch!
  • Certificates are provided via the honor system and can be downloaded and printed. Boy Scout Certificate and Girl Scout Certificate. Scouts should talk with a Scout leader or parent before signing the certificate.
  • Scouts will be awarded a patch by bringing their completed activity sheet and speaking with a park ranger at the Salem Armory Visitor Center.

Further Information

You can contact us (optional) and let us know you are interested in the Scout Ranger Program at Salem Maritime National Historic Site. We will answer questions and provide further information to help you work toward the patch or certificate. You can also explore the National Park Service's Youth Programs for more information.

Last updated: January 12, 2022

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