redoubt looking at platforms

Second Lieutenant Henry M. Robert arrived on San Juan Island on August 21, 1859 with orders to answer British naval strength on Griffin Bay by building an earthwork for eight naval guns from the USS Massachusetts. He was to "...have platforms made for your heavy guns, and cover your camp as much as possible by entrenchment, placing your heavy guns in battery on the most exposed your position with the greatest care to avoid fire from the British ship(s)." Learn more.

Colour Sergeant John Prettyjohn

Colour Sergeant John Prettyjohn was one of 84 Royal marines who landed on Westcott Creek (later to become known as Garrison Bay) on March 23, 1860. They brought along the necessary materials to erect the first building, a commissary about 40 by 20 feet (which still stands). The camp commander then placed a requisition for "84 tin pannikins, 36 tin plates, 3 'dishes', 10 camp kettles, 18 lanterns, 1 measures set, and a small quantity of stationery." Prettyjohn held the distinction of earning the Victorian Cross during the Crimean War. Learn more.

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