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Rincon Mountain District (east)

All roads and trails are open.

Visitor Center and restrooms are closed to slow the spread of COVID-19. Water is available on the patio in front of the Rincon Mountain Visitor Center.

Keep in mind that Happy Valley Road with access to Miller Creek and Turkey Creek trailheads has streams that flow across it in the summer and winter.


Tucson Mountain District (west)

All road and trails are open.

The Red Hills Visitor Center and all park restrooms are closed to slow the spread of COVID-19. Water is available on the patio of the Red Hills Visitor Center.

Golden Gate Road is closed to vehicle traffic east of Sendero Esperanza trailhead and has been converted into a multi-use trail suitable for hikers, bicycles, and equestrian use.

Colorful clouds edged with tree silhouettes.
Monsoon storms can take place any afternoon between June 15 and September 30.

NPS photo/B. Riley

Monsoon Season
June 15 - September 30

During the summer months, the Sonoran Desert gets much needed relief from hot and dry conditions when monsoon storms drench the landscape. Officially, Saguaro National Park is in "monsoon season" from June 15 through September 30, and can expect severe thunderstorms each afternoon. Though the season officially begins on June 15, often the park doesn't see its first seasonal storm until early July. After then, it can rain each day as the sun heats up the humid air, building the thunderclouds that create the storm conditions.

Some storms are severe enough, and drop enough rain at once to cause flooding. Flash floods come quickly and can be dangerous.

Do not try to cross a flooded wash - often as quickly as the flood comes, it will dissipate as storms move across the landscape. Instead, sit back and enjoy the show until you can safely cross. Lightning can also pose a hazard this time of year. Time your activity to be indoors in the afternoon. If you are outside during a storm, find shelter. Lightning will often strike trees and saguaro cacti, so stay away and stay low if you get caught.

Once the storms subside, the evening skies can be amazing. Find a place with a great vista and enjoy what mother nature has to offer.

Last updated: May 23, 2020

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