Manning Cabin
Manning Cabin located at the Manning Camp Area at 7,920 feet of elevation. Cabin is not accessible to the public.

NPS Photo / Vanessa Gonzalez

Backcountry camping is available by permit. There are no accommodations for any vehicle camping (including RV). Please download the Saguaro Wilderness Area (PDF) for more information on backpacking. This booklet contains information you will need in order to start planning a backpacking trip here at Saguaro National Park. Permits may be obtained up to 2 months in advance, but no later than 12:00 noon on the day of the trip.

Camping is allowed at 6 designated campgrounds within the Saguaro Wilderness Area, a permit is required for all overnight stays. These camp sites are not accessible by vehicles and must be hiked to. The fee for this permit is $8.00 per campsite, per night. Senior Pass and Access Pass holders receive a 50% discount on camping fees. The maximum number of people allowed per campsite is 6, with the maximum size of any one group of 18 people.

Camp Site Number of Sites Campground Elevation Distance from Nearest Trailhead
Manning Camp 6 7,920 feet 7.5 mi (Turkey Creek)
Spud Rock Spring 3 7,400 feet 5.3 mi (Turkey Creek)
Happy Valley Saddle 3 6,200 feet 4.1 mi (Miller Creek)
Juniper Basin 3 6,000 feet 6.9 mi (Tanque Verde Ridge)
Grass Shack 3 5,200 feet 10 mi (Loma Alta/ Hope Camp)
Douglas Spring 3 4,800 feet 6.3 mi (Douglas Spring)
Manning Camp Water
Year-round water supply at the Manning Camp area

NPS Photo / Vanessa Gonzalez


Without question, water will be your main concern while visiting the Saguaro Wilderness Area. Surface water is generally scarce during most of the year, at times, it is non-existent with the exception of Manning Camp, which provides water nearly year-round. Start your trip with plenty of potable water, and plan your trip according to water availability. For current water reports, inquire at the visitor center (520) 733-5153. It is recommended that you treat/filter all water used for human consumption.


Leave No Trace

The ethics and techniques of "Leave No Trace" camping were developed by the National Outdoor Leadership School to assist outdoor users in minimizing their impacts on wild places. When camping in the Saguaro Wilderness Area, we ask that you adopt these ethics and techniques to help us protect and preserve this Sonoran Desert treasure.

Principles of Leave No Trace:

1. Plan ahead and prepare.
2. Camp and travel on durable surfaces.
3. Pack it in, pack it out.
4. Properly dispose of what you can't pack out.
5. Leave what you find.
6. Minimize use and impact of fires.
7. Protect and conserve water resources.


For more details regarding wilderness camping and information required for a permit please refer to the Saguaro Wilderness Brochure and the Wilderness Regulations page.

Last updated: December 18, 2018

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