There are many wonderful resources to further explore springs, backyard ponds, invasive species, water conservation and climate change. Check out a few of our favorites here!

Invasive Species

Southern Arizona Buffelgrass Coordination Center: Find information about buffelgrass, volunteer opportunities and other ways you can help the cause in southern Arizona by checking out their website.

The Arizona Native Plant Society: AZNPS has compiled a comprehensive page of invasive plants in Arizona, links on how to identify invasive species, city and county efforts to help remove the plants, and links about which species are invasive.

Tucson Herpetological Society: The Tucson Herpetological Society provides information on identifying all types of amphibians and reptiles including invasive bullfrogs. Check out this page that talks about which pests to keep out of your backyard ponds and how to identify them from native species.

Water Conservation

City of Tucson Rainwater Harvesting: One of the best ways to conserve water in Tucson is to harvest rainwater for your outdoor activities. the City of Tucson has a rebate program!

Save Out Water: This website, a collaboration between several California water agencies has information on practical tips to save water in your everyday life. Look at each room and learn how you can save.

Watershed Management Group: WMG is a Tucson based non-profit whose goal is to create a sustainable community by providing tools and services including classes, education outreach, a living lab, rainwater harvesting and more.

Education Links

U.S. Geological Survey: The USGS provides information on all aspects of water including the water cycle, water quality, surface and groundwater, and more! The site also provides special links for teachers.

Project WET: This nation-wide organization provides free lesson plans, books, workshops and trainings, and other resources for educators.

American Museum of Natural History: Although the lesson plans are meant to accompany the traveling exhibit, Water: H2O = Life, the information provided by the AMNH is relevant and interesting for anyone!

For Kids!

Discover Water: Check out Project Wet's awesome website where you can explore water around the globe and how we use

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