Close up of mountain lion face.

Mammalian species are found throughout Saguaro National Park. Mammals are characterized by their fur and the ability to nurse their young with milk from modified sweat glands called mammary glands. Mammals are warm-blooded, or endothermic. Bats, the only flying mammal, are numerous throughout the park, as are bobcats and javelina.

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Lost Carnivores

Biologists from Saguaro National Park are interested in the health of the carnivore populations in the Tucson Mountains, which is becoming more surrounded by development. Across the world, biologists have seen species decline in natural areas as they become isolated from other areas. Could this be happening in the Tucson Mountains? We do not know, but we have seen fewer photos of certain carnivores when we use our infrared-triggered cameras.

Find out more about this program and gain a greater understanding of the status of the Lost Carnivores and an understanding of how we can best protect them in the future.

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