Climate Change Partners

Adapting to climate change is a complex challenge and collaboration plays a huge role in developing climate solutions. There are many organizations taking incredible steps towards understanding and reducing the impacts of climate change. These governmental and university partners provide information based strictly on scientific research and reliable data. Continuing to share scientific knowledge and work together will help us build a more sustainable, healthy, and resilient world.

Governmental Partners

  • National Phenology Network
    National Phenology Network

    Provides data and information on the timing of seasonal events in plants and animals to ensure the well-being of humans and ecosystems

  • US Fish & Wildlife Service
    US Fish & Wildlife Service

    Dedicated to helping reduce the impacts of climate change on fish, wildlife, plants and their habitats to ensure resource sustainability

  • US Forest Service
    US Forest Service

    Connects land managers and decision makers with useable science to address climate change in natural resources planning and management

  • NASA

    Monitors Earth systems and shares scientific data with the global community to help inform decisions

  • US Global Change Research Program
    US Global Change Research Program

    Conducts research to understand the interactive processes that influence the total Earth system and how they impact society

  • IPCC

    Conducts regular assessments of the science related to climate change


University Partners

Last updated: January 19, 2021

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