National American Indian/Alaska Native Heritage Month

In November we are proud to celebrate National American Indian/Alaska Native Heritage Month.
The National theme for 2014 is "Native Pride and Spirit: Yesterday, Today and Forever."

Want to read about California Indian maritime heritage? Follow the links below to find these books in our Library catalog, and/or in a library near you:

You might also want to check out the exhibit in the park visitor center. In one of the areas you are drawn into the lush, marshy edge of San Francisco Bay during the 1770s. A huge mural depicts a wind-swept Yelamu village and in front of it sits a tule reed canoe.

For more about Native American Heritage.

A woman sitting behind a canoe made out of tule reeds. She has her hands resting on the tan-colored canoe.
Linda Yamane, a Native American consultant, worked with the park to ensure the accuracy of the mural in the visitor center depicting a wind-swept Yelamu village that was near the Golden Gate during the 1770s. She also made the tule reed canoe she is sitting behind!


A collage of images and words about Native Americans in the Bay area.


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