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San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park is pleased to make available a duplication of select materials from its collection in order to further its goals of preserving and interpreting maritime heritage. Reproductions are provided on a cost recovery charge-back basis in accordance with 43 U.S. Code 1460 and National Park Service (NPS) policy. Fees recovered from the delivery of reproductions are used to support the use and preservation of the park’s collection. Payment must be received in advance before order can be processed. All sales are final.

Certain materials in the park’s collection may be protected by the U.S. Copyright Law (Title 17, U.S. Code), or restricted by NPS gift or purchase agreements, donor restrictions, privacy and publicity rights, licensing and trademarks.


The copyright law of the United States (Title 17, U.S. Code) governs the making of photocopies or other reproductions of copyrighted material. Under certain conditions specified in the law, libraries and archives are authorized to furnish a photocopy or other reproduction. One of these specified conditions that the photocopy or reproduction is not to be “used for any purpose other than private study, scholarship, or research.” The National Park Service is not legally liable for copyright, privacy, or publicity infringement when materials are wrongfully used after being provided to researchers for “fair use.” San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park reserves the rights to refuse to accept a copy order if, in its judgment, fulfillment of the order would involve violation of copyright law.

The researcher must obtain permission to publish, exhibit, perform, reproduce, prepare derivative works from, sell or otherwise distribute the item from the holder of the original copyright. San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park possesses physical property rights through ownership of the materials. However, copyright may reside with the individual or corporate body responsible for the materials, or with the estate. Permission to reproduce or publish from these collections must be secured by the researcher from the copyright holders.

Copies may be made for researchers, depending on the physical condition of the item(s) and any donor or copyright restrictions. Photocopies of photographs are not permitted. Due to the fragile and/or unique nature of the materials, all photocopying is done by park staff. Copies on paper are made by a standard photocopy machine and will accommodate materials up to 11” x 17” only.

The park reserves the rights to refuse to accept a copy order if, in its judgment, fulfillment of the order would involve violation of copyright law.

In an effort to support National Park Service goals of sustainability and “Go Green” practices, reproductions will be created digitally and delivered electronically to the fullest extent possible.


1 – 25 PAGES


26 – 50 PAGES


51 – 75 PAGES


76 – 100 PAGES



Up to 10 copies


11 – 25 PAGES


26 - 50 PAGES


51 - 75 PAGES


76 – 100 PAGES



Per exposure


Researchers requesting digital surrogates of items should allow approximately two to four weeks for their orders to be completed. Large orders may take longer. Requests for RUSH services will be accommodated within a week. The cost for RUSH service is 2 times the scanning cost. Like photocopying, digital reproductions are dependent upon the physical condition of the item and copyright or donor restrictions. Items are scanned at 600 ppi [JPEG] unless otherwise requested. Custom orders may incur an additional charge.

For digital scans of oversize materials, please refer to the section “Oversize Materials & Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Drawings.”


Per image (up to 11” x 14”)


San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park is home to eight historic ships, six of which are National Historic Landmarks. Packages of plans and drawings are available for each ship. These packages are available to download at no cost.

Some of the drawings in the plans packages are taken from the Historic American Buildings Survey and Historic American Engineering Records (HABS/HAER) collections located at the Library of Congress. Additional photos and drawings of the ships listed below with an asterisk (*) can also be downloaded at HABS/HAER.

These plans packages are suitable for model building, but were not originally produced as model building plans. The park also possesses other drawings of these historic ships that are not included in the plan packages. These drawings are available for individual purchase.

Paper copies of plans are also available. Plans are produced on paper in black and white only. Prices for plans printed onto oversize paper are below:


ALMA* 6 sheets


BALCLUTHA * 8 sheets


EPPLETON HALL * 7 sheets


EUREKA * 8 sheets


HERCULES * 6 sheets


MONTEREY 4 sheets + 92 page booklet


THAYER * 4 sheets


WAPAMA * 6 sheets


The availability of oversized materials such as ship plans, charts, or architectural drawings for digitization or duplication is based on the condition and size of the item. Please note that in most cases, oversize materials require special care, handling, and preservation prior to duplication. Parties should be aware that considerable preparation time may be required by park staff before an order is ready for duplication.

The park utilizes a wide format scanner and printer to reproduce oversize materials in-house, up to 36” wide. Items are scanned at 300 ppi and can be delivered as either TIFF, JPEG, or PDF files. Due to the large image size, all digital images will be placed onto an FTP site or CDROM(s).

There is an additional $1.00 charge per CD-ROM. Images can be scanned in color or black and white. Reproductions on to paper are produced in black and white only. Duplication masters produced to facilitate a copy remain the property of the park.

Reproductions larger than 36” wide require outsourcing to a third-party vendor and additional time to process. A handling fee of $25.00 will be added to the total cost for items produced by a third-party vendor. The cost for RUSH service is 2 times the scanning cost.

Please note: These copies are sold as historical documents. San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park makes no warranty as to the accuracy of the plans or drawings or their usefulness for a specific purpose.


Up to 36” wide

$20.00 per image

Over 36” wide


Printed copies on paper cost an additional $6.00 per image

The majority of the electronic media holdings of the park’s collection are in obsolete formats. Currently, User Copies do not exist for many of the collections. Requests for duplication of electronic media to produce a User Copy may require outsourcing and additional time to process. All costs for reproduction by third-party vendors are assumed by the researcher. A handling fee of $25.00 will be added to the total cost for items produced by a third-party vendor. Duplication masters produced to facilitate a Use Copy remain the property of the park. For User Copies produced in-house by park staff, please allow approximately three weeks for orders to be completed.

The park has limited capacity to reproduce audio-visual materials on site. Audio and video transferred by park staff may not be broadcast quality. Broadcast quality may require outsourcing to a third-party vendor for reproduction. Costs for reproductions produced by staff are as follows:


DVD, AVI or MP4 files

$45.00 per hour of source

CD (audio) or MP3

$45.00 per hour of source



For certain collection items, duplications cannot be produced via traditional methods of scanning or photocopying. In these cases, the park offers the option of reproductions produced via park curatorial staff. Hourly rates for photography of collection items will be quoted upon request. Please contact the reference staff for further information.

Shipping fees
o U.S. Mail - $ NO COST
Packaging materials
o CD-ROM - $1.00 each
Handling fees (when applicable)
o $25.00 per order
Rates for other uses or services not listed in this schedule will be quoted upon request.

If your order is intended for publication, please complete the form: Notice of Intent to Publish or Use. Permission to publish refers to only the physical property held by SAFR and does not grant copyright.

Permission for reproduction is granted for a one-time use and only for the expressed purpose described on the Notice of Intent to Publish or Use. Any subsequent use or change in use of duplicated materials requires the written permission of the park. This permission is nonexclusive, as the park reserves the right to reproduce the image and allow others to reproduce the image.

All published images must be accompanied by the park’s credit line: “San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park, [Collection Name,] [Collection and Item Number.]” Please refer to the back or bottom of the photo print or digital image for appropriate credit and relevant information. While a "Collection Name" is not always available, you should always include the images "Collection and Item Number" when available. You may abbreviate the name of the park if the full name and abbreviation are identified elsewhere in your publication. Suggested abbreviations are "SAFR," "SFMNHP" or "San Francisco Maritime NHP."

When citing items from the collection in bibliographies or footnotes, please use the preferred citation format:

[Creator, Artist, or Photographer's Name]. [Item title or description including
date]. [Collection Name], [Catalog Number/Collection Number]. [Location within collection arrangement identified by container number, series number, file unit number, or item number], Museum Archives and Manuscript Collections, San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park.

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