Santa Fe Trail Bicentennial

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Journey across five states and 200 years of history during the Bicentennial of the Santa Fe Trail!

The year 2021 marks 200 years since the Santa Fe Trail began its tenure as a commercial highway. The initial journey in 1821 from Missouri to Santa Fe was met with good fortune. William Becknell and his party of five happened to travel the Trail just after Mexico (present day New Mexico) opened to international trade. Becknell’s party was welcomed in Santa Fe and they returned to Missouri having reaped the benefits of the risky trip.
This year we reflect upon the original journey as a turning point in American history. Not only did the Trail move goods, but it also spread ideas, cultures, and people. For some, movement on the Trail was positive, while others suffered from it. Stories of conflict, commerce, and culture abound on the Trail, with the potential to teach us about our past and help us determine our future.

Join us in remembering this historic trail in 2021 by walking along the ruts, seeking out hidden spots, sharing stories both old and new, and discovering the legacy of the Great Prairie Highway.

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Events & Programs

Join us in-person and virtually for events along the Santa Fe Trail in 2021

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Earn a 200th Junior Ranger Badge

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Stories of the Trail

Learn more about how the trail helped shape history through articles about life on the trail, trail impacts, and more.

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Bicentennial Passport Locations

Find out where to get a special Santa Fe Trail Bicentennial passport stamp.

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Plan Your Bicentennial Visit

Whether you love history, hiking, riding, or biking, the Santa Fe Trail has something for you!

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Bicentennial News & Press Kit

Read the latest Bicentennial news and learn general information about the Santa Fe Trail.

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The Santa Fe Trail, 1821-2021: 200 Years of Commerce, Conflict & Culture

Last updated: October 2, 2020

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