Gardner Junction Exhibits

The Santa Fe, Oregon, and California trails split at Gardner Junction — just outside of Gardner, Kansas — and was a place of commerce for many. The exhibits below tell the tales of farmers, fortune seekers, Indians, missionaries, traders, and soldiers that passed this way.

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orientation panel east

Visit the Trails - East
Yesterday and Today: a look at the Santa Fe, Oregon, and California trails.
(3.6 MB pdf)

Orientation Northwest

Visit the Trails - Northwest
Yesterday and Today: a look at the Oregon and California trails through stories, maps, and sites. (2 MB pdf)

Orientation West

Visit the Trail - West
Yesterday and Today: a look at the Santa Fe Trail through chronicles, pictures, and tour routes. (1.5 MB pdf)

Following Their Dreams

Following Their Dreams
As many as 350,000 people listened to stories, looked for purpose, and tried for the wealth. (3.3 MB pdf)

Apprehension and Conflict

Apprehension and Conflict
Emigrants feared moving west into the wilderness; the very lands that Indians cherished and had taken away. (2.8 MB pdf)

Eye of the Needle

Eye of the Needle
Who determined the landmark location of this junction where three well traveled trails cross? (1.5 MB pdf)

From Prairie Schooners to Locomotives

From Prairie Schooners To Locomotives
Why, how, and when did travel change along three vast historic routes? Watch the progression. (1.5 MB pdf)

Last updated: February 21, 2019

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