Additional Exhibits

The National Park Service has a special program to help fund projects that connect national parks with national historic trails. These exhibit projects were designed to help visitors follow the Trail to four national parks along the historic trail route:

thumbnail of "Fort Larned" exhibit panel
Fort Larned National Historic Site was located along the Santa Fe Trail.


Connecting Four Parks to One Trail

Exhibits at the four national park sites provide education to visitors by highlighting a unique aspect of each site's relationship to the Santa Fe Trail as well as orientation by directing visitors to sites to the east and west of the park.

thumbnail of "Intersection of History" exhibit panel
The Santa Fe Trail was a military road and protected by the soldiers at Fort Union.


International Highway

Santa Fe Trail wagon wheel ruts are visible along the drive to Fort Union National Monument. The exhibits highlight the ruts that bear silent witness to the passage of time of nations moving east and west.


Last updated: January 29, 2020

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