The site includes a short woodland trail situated along a narrow peninsula of mixed deciduous and evergreen trees, flanked by two small protected coves. In one cove, a perched culvert draining upland fresh water creates a waterfall effect that lures bald eagles in early morning. An apple orchard adjacent to the second cove creates another habitat for a variety of birds and wildlife. At the end of the trail, an interpretive shelter overlooks Saint Croix Island and the Saint Croix River estuary, where brackish water and tides up to 25 feet (8 m) invite a variety of birds year round. Mud flats form at low tide.


Bird sightings
A wide variety of shore and woodland birds have been spotted at Saint Croix Island International Historic Site. Keep your eyes on the skies, in the water, and in the trees on the shore line for some of our more common birds.

The following confirmed bird sightings on the shore include
  • bald eagles;
  • osprey;
  • common loons;
  • buffleheads;
  • common goldeneyes;
  • black ducks;
  • a variety of gulls, including black-backed and herring gulls;
  • great blue herons;
  • belted kingfisher; and
  • semipalmated sandpipers.
Woodland species include
  • pileated and hairy woodpeckers;
  • black-capped chickadees; and
  • a variety of warblers and thrushes, including oven birds.
Along the shore, you may see a non-bird bonus—gray and harbor seals at low tide with the help of a spotting scope.


Bird Checklist: We need your help!
The park staff is collecting reports of confirmed bird sightings for inclusion in the site's first bird checklist. Your sightings are welcome! Ask a park ranger on site about informal bird talks offered during the summer season.

Last updated: March 3, 2014

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