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Junior Ranger booklet being held up in front of the church at Mission San Jose
San Antonio Missions Junior Ranger Booklet, pictured here at Mission San José.

NPS Photo.

Junior Ranger holds up the badges he's earned at various National Parks.
Junior Ranger Activity Guide

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Junior Ranger Activities

Become a Junior Ranger. Start your visit to the missions by picking up an activity book at the Visitor Center or downloading a copy here. It's free!

You can still earn your Junior Ranger badge during the COVID-19 modifications to operations! Just complete the activity book at home and email e-mail us describing your favorite activity. Include your name and address in the email. When our Visitor Center reopens, we will mail your Junior Ranger badge to you!

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Field trips and education program information is located here.
Photo of child filling out the Junior Ranger booklet from above
A new Junior Ranger fills out the Junior Ranger Activity Booklet at the Visitor Center.

NPS Photo.

Two young junior rangers pose with a Park Ranger at the Visitor Center front desk.

Kid FAQs

  • What did kids at the missions do all day?
Kids at the missions had many chores. These included carding wool, gathering food rations, preparing meals, cleaning up, feeding livestock, and looking after the younger ones.
  • Where did the mission residents go to the bathroom?
The people who lived in the mission walls would have used a chamber pot or a bucket for their bathroom. When they were done, children would empty the bucket by dumping it right outside of their door. Yuck!
Group of young junior rangers stamp their junior ranger activity book with cancellation stamps. Park Ranger assists.
  • Are the missions really old?
The missions are really old! Mission San Jose was founded in 1720. Mission Concepcion, Mission San Juan, and Mission Espada were founded in 1731. How old does that make the missions?

People have been living along the San Antonio River for even longer. We believe that Indigenous people have been living along this river for about 10,000 years!
  • Why are there so many doors in the missions?
Mission residents lived in the perimeter walls of the mission. When you enter Mission San Jose, you'll see that the walls are lined with doors where the 350 mission residents lived at the mission's peak.

Last updated: November 15, 2021

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