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Hybrid shuttle bus
Park hybrid vehicles reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


Rocky is a Climate Friendly Park committed to placing climate friendly behavior at the forefront of planning and operations. The park's Green Team organizes and implements sustainable strategies in the park. These include:

  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • Fostering the sustainable use of resources
  • Reducing waste
  • Purchasing environmentally friendly products
  • Reusing and recycling all materials where practicable in park operations

The park is reducing costs, increasing its sustainability and doing its part to lessen the impacts of pollution and climate change can have on park resources. Read more about sustainable park efforts through the links below.


The new normal might be ever changing
conditions that park resources must
continually adjust to.

Elk and Vegetation Management

Encouraging natural variability among
plant and animal relationships can
improve the resilience of ecosystems.
Nitrogen Deposition

Efforts to reduce pollution that can't
be seen will benefit park resources
from top to bottom.

Shuttle services improve the park
experience and give you more time
out on the trails rather than the road.

Park recycle bins and visitors loading a shuttle bus
Top: Recycling is easy with bins all throughout the park.
Bottom: The park shuttle bus is a relaxing way to enjoy the park.


Make a climate friendly visit to Rocky Mountain National Park! Follow these easy tips to create a more sustainable park adventure.

  • Recycling made easy
    You can recycle most glass, aluminum and plastic in the park's commingled recycling bins. Follow the bin instructions and avoid putting trash into them. The park cannot recycle frozen food boxes, paper coffee cups or plastic bags.

  • Hydrate the eco-friendly way
    Save cash and the environment by using a durable, reusable water bottle and shopping bags instead of disposable bottles and plastic bags. Each are for sale at the visitor center bookstores.

  • Make a travel plan
    Carpool and combine short trips to reduce vehicle miles traveled.

  • Let us drive
    Take advantage of the park's shuttle system and spend more time enjoying the scenery and less behind the wheel.

  • Take your time
    Keep your vehicle tires properly inflated and observe speed limits. Your fuel economy generally drops above 50 mph so it also costs you more.

  • Turn off that engine
    Idling your car for more than 30 seconds uses more fuel than restarting the engine. Turn off your engine when stopped to save gas and cut down on air pollution from your vehicle's exhaust emissions.

Do your part for the parks from home!

It's amazing how much impact one small action can make when it's performed by many people. Here are some ideas to make a difference in your home and community.

  • Buy local products that are sourced and manufactured in environmentally friendly ways to influence good economic practices.
  • Reduce, reuse and recycle your products and waste.
  • Drive less by carpooling or using public transportation.
  • Challenge yourself to reduce your energy consumption by 10 percent this year.
  • Talk to your family and friends about what you've learned. When you take action, you inspire others to do the same!
For more tips to creating a more sustainable world, visit the National Park Service Sustainability and Climate Change website.

Last updated: April 9, 2015

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