Sprague Lake Boardwalk Replacement Project

Sprague Lake Boardwalk with narrow wooden boards before the project happened Sprague Lake Boardwalk with narrow wooden boards before the project happened

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Project Overview

Sprague Lake is one of the most popular destinations inside Rocky Mountain National Park. When walking around the 0.7-mile loop trail, visitors can enjoy scenic views of Sprague Lake and the Continental Divide. Sprague Lake is also a popular destination for fishing and wildlife viewing.

The Sprague Lake Boardwalk Replacement Project repaired and replaced a 230-linear feet section of the boardwalk to fix structural deficiences and to improve accessibility for all visitors by widening the trail. This project also added two new and improved viewing platforms.

How was the Boardwalk Improved?

The new boardwalk replaced a boardwalk that was built in 2000 and had outlived its lifespan. The old wooden frame for the boardwalk was removed. A new steel substructure was installed and rests upon helical piles. The steel frame forms the base for the new 6-foot to 8-foot wide wooden decking.

Two hexagon shaped overlooks have been widened, creating a more pleasing viewing experience while providing enough space for people to walk around on the trail.

This new boardwalk design is similar to the boardwalk on the Lily Lake Trail.

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This slideshow presentation shows the progression of the Sprague Lake Boardwalk Replacement Project from start to finish.


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Your Recreation Fee Dollars at Work

This critical project was funded through a combination of sources, including your recreation fee dollars. Your park entrance fees helped to make this project possible. Thank you also to the Rocky Mountain Conservancy for helping to support the Sprague Lake Boardwalk Replacement Project for the enjoyment of current and future generations.

Last updated: April 19, 2024

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