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Season 1 Episode 5: Design in the Great Outdoors

August 11, 2017 Posted by: Miles Barger

We join a class of graphic and industrial design students from the University of Kansas to talk about their week-long Design Outside class at Rocky, how living and designing outside without technology influences the creative process, and how the experience has shaped them personally and professionally. #rmnpod


Season 1 Episode 4: With Kyle Patterson

July 28, 2017 Posted by: Miles Barger

This week we join Kyle Patterson, Rocky’s Public Affairs Officer, to talk about what in the heck a public affairs officer does, the importance of sharing Rocky’s amazing news and messages, current issues at the park, and what you can do to help us keep Rocky beautiful now and in the future. #rmnpod


Season 1 Episode 3: Gettin' Wild on Rocky's West Side

July 14, 2017 Posted by: Miles Barger

We join rangers Maci MacPherson and Michele Simmons at Holzwarth Historic Site to talk about the wonders of Rocky's west side. #rmnpod


Season 1 Episode 2: Chillin' in the Alpine with Cynthia Langguth

June 30, 2017 Posted by: Miles Barger

Back at it again! We join Cynthia Langguth, interpreter and EMT, at the Alpine Visitor Center to learn about the incredibly unique world of the alpine tundra: the land above the trees. Marmots, pika, and ptarmigan... oh my! #rmnpod


Season 1 Episode 1: A Love of the Mountains with Kathy Brazelton

June 15, 2017 Posted by: Rocky Mountain National Podcast

Our first episode! We join Kathy Brazelton, East District Naturalist, in Upper Beaver Meadows to chat about her life as a ranger, what an "interpreter" does in the National Park Service, ranger programs, signs of spring, and more. #rmnpod


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