Hug a Tree Don't Hurt a Tree

A person reclines on a hammock suspended on a stand
Bring a hammock stand instead of attaching hammocks to trees

Rock Creek Conservancy

Hammocks, rope swings, and slacklines hurt and can kill trees. Ropes tied to trees to suspend these devices cut into and harm tree bark, expose the tree to bacteria, bugs, and fungi, and can cut off nutrient circulation.  Supporting the weight of these lines, plus the people using them, can damage a tree's structural integrity causing fallen limbs and bent or bowed tree trunks.

These devices may not be tied to trees, shrubs, or any other natural or built feature in the park, and supports cannot be staked into the ground. Any recreational activity that damages, harms or removes any natural or cultural resource is illegal.

Park visitors are encouraged to use free-standing hammocks and slacklines supported by a frame in grassy, open areas, away from trees. This helps to keep trees and other park resources happy and healthy, protecting Rock Creek for generations to come.

Last updated: May 2, 2021

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