Fountains in Rock Creek Park

Rock Creek Park administers four fountains in Washington DC--at Georgetown Waterfront Park, Meridian Hill Park, Chevy Chase Circle, and at the Kahlil Gibran Memorial. These fountains are turned off in the winter to prevent damage and are usually turned on in the spring or summer depending on temperatures and maintenance status.

Operating Status of Park Fountains

A fountain sprays water into the air over a smooth marble splash pad
Georgetown Waterfront Park Fountain

Learn about the fountain at Percy Plaza.

A low stone wall encloses a round pool with a fountain spurting up from the middle
Chevy Chase Circle Fountain

Chevy Chase Fountain is a memorial to Senator Newlands. It is located in the Chevy Chase traffic circle in northwest Washington, DC.

An eight sided star shaped fountain laid into a multicolor stone plaza
Khalil Gibran Memorial Fountain

The Khalil Gibran Memorial is located near the U.S. Naval Observatory in northwest Washington, DC.

a cascade of water
Meridian Hill Park Cascade Fountain

Closed until Summer 2022.

Last updated: June 5, 2023

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