An Extraordinary Outdoor Laboratory and Classroom

Crater Lake National Park is a wellspring for research information, a proving ground for educational techniques, and a source of inspiration for artistic expression. By supporting scientists and their investigations, we discover more and more about this special place. By connecting scientists with teachers, students, and the visiting public, the park becomes a focal point for lifelong learning.  We invite you to investigate, instruct, and inspire.


An instruction screen from one of the educational videos.
Classroom at Crater Lake @home

Learn with rangers from home with video adaptations of our favorite field trip activities.

A completed snowfall graph in the Student Study Guide.
Student Study Guide

The Student Study Guide prepares students for a field trip to Crater Lake or for a school project about the park!

Students snowshoe with a ranger at Crater Lake.
Classroom at Crater Lake

Bring your students to Crater Lake for an unforgettable environmental education experience!

An artist's rendition of the historic Watchman fire lookout.

Apply to be one of Crater Lake's Artists-in-Residence!


BioPenPals connects students across the globe through the comparison and compassion of biodiversity.

Last updated: November 6, 2020