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Employee Profile: Kym Sigler

Kym Sigler is our new administrative officer, entering on duty on December 15, 2000. (As you can see, we've had quite a few new people coming to your Richmond parks lately.) As Richmond National Battlefield Park/ Maggie L. Walker National Historic Site's administrative officer, Kym "guides the park through the administrative maze of regulations, directives, policies and procedures in support of the park's mission."

Kym has over 24 years of experience with the government working with various agencies, including: Department of Energy, Western Area Power Administration; Department of Defense, Department of the Army (both civilian and military) and the U.S. Coast Guard; Department of the Interior, Bureau of Reclamation, U.S. Geological Survey, and the National Park Service. Richmond National Battlefield Park is her second national park, her first being Great Basin National Park. Kym added, "I've held positions unique as a Construction Project Photographer through reaching one of my goals to be an Administrative Officer."

Kym says: "I always wanted to work for the Park Service because of the family working atmosphere that is displayed throughout the Park Service. I'm a grassroots type of person. I enjoy the natural resources and wonders of the national parks system. The Park Service has some of the most beautiful places to work and enjoy. When you have the beauty of the surroundings, add a great work life environment, then you have the perfect recipe for an awesome career." Kym's goal before she retires is to become the superintendent of a small park.

Kym was born in Albany, New York "with fireworks celebrating our nation's independence during the first year debut of the Ford Thunderbird convertible", and grew up in the south New Jersey area. Her family consists of her husband, Carl, and their Siberian husky, Tok. She added: "In my spare time I enjoy painting, pen and ink drawing, various crafts, and traveling. When my husband is in Virginia we tour the country visiting the various parks throughout the area and surrounding states. Last year we visited 32 parks, mostly in the West and Southeast parts of the country. With every park I enjoy collecting their park pins and patches. As my husband and I 'Experience Our America' we are looking forward to adding the northeast to our experiences as we have enjoyed the beginnings of the 'cannon ball history' experience. Tok, our Siberian Husky, is the source of a lot of smiles and many happy memories. his ice blue eyes could melt anyone's heart."

Kym says she is looking forward to meeting the staffs at the various parks and also experiencing all the entire northeast region has to offer.

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