Newsletter Archive: Issues 1 through 14

Welcome to the archives of the newsletter for Richmond National Battlefield Park and Maggie L. Walker National Historic Site, issues 1 through 14. Later issues can be found on the main archive page.

Issue 1: Fall 1999--
Superintendent's Greeting; Award Winner at Richmond Battlefield; Interpretation Update by David Ruth; Employee Profile Jim Bell; 20 years of EARTH!; Upcoming Events; Volunteering in the Parks; New Exhibit at Maggie L. Walker Visitor Center

Issue 2: Winter 2000--
Superintendent's Message (Tredegar Update); Interpretation Update; Ironmaker to the Confederacy back in print;Employee Profile Tim Mauch; Budget 2000; The Protection Ranger; Wilcox Brigade monument unveiled; New education program at Maggie L. Walker site

Issue 3: Spring 2000--Superintendent's Greeting; New Map Project; Interpretation Update; Employee Profile: Anjanette Walker; Park Partnerships; The History of the Tredegar Iron Works; Access Management

Issue 4: Summer 2000--Superintendent's Message; New Exhibits at Chimborazo; Archeology Dig at Gaines' Mill; Employee Profile: Veronica Harvey; CFC Recognizes Barry Krieg; Director's Remarks on Opening of Tredegar site; Medal of Honor Program at Drewry's Bluff

Issue 5: Fall 2000--
Superintendent's Greeting; Maggie Walker Site at Two Local Events; Interpretation Update: Resource Inventory in Hanover County; Employee Profile: Kristen Gounaris; The Search for Sources; A First-Hand Account of the Fires Out West; Fighting Against Invasive Plants

Issue 6: Winter 2001--Superintendent's Message; Black History Month Symposium, Feb 24; Interpretation Update: Malvern Hill Archeology; Employee Profile: Kym Sigler; African American Web Sites to Visit; Bookstore Offerings; Civil War Day April 28, 2001

Issue 7: Spring 2001--Superintendent's Greeting: Holding the High Ground; Interpretation Update: "Riding the Wind" Conference; Maggie Walker Makes Business Hall of Fame; Volunteer Profile: Jim Gates; Tredegar Visitor Center Receives Powell Award; The Facts on West Nile Virus; Brush Clearing at Cold Harbor

Issue 8: Summer 2001--
Superintendent's Greeting: Holding the High Ground; New Photo Exhibit at Tredegar; Interpretation Update: The Seasonal Employee; New Look for the Arrowhead; Employee Profile: Dan Hodgson; Governor's Conference on Education; Maggie Walker's Birthday Celebration

Issue 9: Fall 2001 (PDF file)
Superintendent's Greeting: September 11; Interpretation Update: New Lands for Richmond Battlefield; Employee Profile: Larry Smith; New Preservation Treatment for Earthworks;Civil War Crossword;Crossword Answer Page; Education Update: Exploring the Real Thing in Richmond's National Parks; Honoring America's Veterans

Issue 10: Winter 2002-- Special Partnership Issue (PDF file)Superintendent's Greeting; Partnership with City Visitor's Bureau; Battlefield Preservation; Protection Rangers assist in post 9-11 tragedy; Learning Reaches New Heights at Seven Pines; Eastern National: An Indispensable Partner; Partnering Within the DOI to Protect Park Resources; Richmond Parks Receive Kodak Grant; Employee Profile: Celeste Dixon; The NPS and You

Issue 11: Spring 2002 (PDF file)A Yellow Flag Waves at Chimborazo; Superintendent's Message; Battlefield Donation Doubles Park Size; Employee Profile: Beverly Bruce; The Gaines' Mill Battlefield Landscape Undergoes Restoration; Summer Schedule of Events at Richmond NBP

Issue 12: September 2002 (PDF file)
Tredegar Visitor Center Receives Donation of Civil War Items; A Message from the Director; Maggie L. Walker NHS to Sponsor Panel Discussion on the Black Press; Landscape Management Plan in Review; Upcoming Special Events; Spolight on Education: "Exploring Richmond's Battlefields"; Volunteer Profile: Scott Frantel

Issue 13: March 2003 (PDF file)The Superintendent's Letter; Richmond NBP Receives Award of Merit from Henrico County; Stuart's Ride State Markers Unveiled; Update on Resource Management Issues; Spotlight on Education: "America's Backyard"; Employee Profile: Janet Blanchard; Upcoming Special Events

Issue 14: July 2003 (PDF file)
The Superintendent's Letter;Tredegar Site Receives Award from Unilever; New Trail Opens at Cold Harbor; Beavers Dam the Park; Spotlight on Education: The Year in Review; Employee Profile: Stella Council; New Monument at Cold Harbor

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