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Park Partnerships

Partners in History
Richmond National Battlefield Park is currently working with Hanover County Parks and Recreation to develop additional interpretive signs for a 50-acre site that the county owns within Cold Harbor battlefield. The park site has recently extended its one-mile walking trail that takes visitors past well-preserved Union trenches and artillery positions near the Garthright House. Two additional trail signs will focus on the experiences of soldiers that served in the area. An additional interpretive/ orientation panel will be located in the parking lot, describing the early fighting at Cold Harbor and the best way to tour the battlefield.

Hanover County and the National Park Service have worked closely together co-managing the Cold Harbor battlefield resources. In 1989 the county purchased 50 acres that surround the Garthright House, protecting the battlefield from residential development. Since then, the county has installed a one-mile walking trail and requested that our staff historians prepare the ten wayside exhibits that would interpret the trail. With the trail extension and new interpretive kiosk planned for the parking lot, visitors to Cold Harbor battlefield will have a greater understanding and access to one of the most important engagements of the war.

Partners in Preservation
In 1975, the Maggie L. Walker Historical Foundation was established with the goal of restoring Mrs. Walker's residence at 110 1/2 East Leigh Street. The year, the Foundation celebrates its 25th anniversary. The Foundation, by cooperating with the National Park Service, helps to foster the legacy of Maggie L. Walker through a variety of activities, including sponsoring birthday anniversary celebrations, co-sponsoring the Christmas Open House and laboring to clean up Mrs. Walker's gravesite in Evergreen Cemetery. Many of the members also serve as volunteers in the Maggie L. Walker National Historic Site Visitor Center. Many Foundation members have written books, plays, poems, articles and a television documentary, keeping Mrs. Walker's memory alive.

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