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Ranger leads group of visitors on trail through canyon
Everyone must go on the trail to see Rainbow Bridge

Although Rainbow Bridge is immediately adjacent to Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, it is a separate unit of the National Park System. Rainbow Bridge was declared a National Monument in 1910 and, as such, the range of permitted activities is smaller than for the recreation area. Traditional water-based recreation activities such as swimming, fishing, water skiing, etc. are not allowed anywhere within the monument.

Getting to the bridge requires hiking at least a mile.Visitors can take the trail from the courtesy dock to the viewing area for the bridge. Exact trail length varies with lake levels. We ask that visitors respect the religious significance of Rainbow Bridge to neighboring tribes and consider viewing Rainbow Bridge from the viewing area rather than walking up to or under the bridge.

Remember to carry water with you! This is a desert environment and even short hikes require preparation. There are two shade shelters along the trail with benches that make great rest/reflection points.
Pack out what you bring in. There are no facilites or trash receptacles along the trail to Rainbow Bridge in any direction. Leave this land better than you found it - take all trash you make back with you.

People may backpack to Rainbow Bridge on the Navajo Mountain trail with the appropriate backcountry permit available from Navajo Nation Parks & Recreation. Follow all Navajo Nation laws and regulations.


Hiking to Rainbow Bridge from the Navajo Nation
It's a two-day minimum hike around Navajo Mountain to Rainbow Bridge, and requires a permit form the Navajo Nation.

Boat Tours from Wahweap Marina
Don't have a boat of your own and don't have time for the two-day hike? Take a seven-hour boat tour across Lake Powell to see this remote and marvelous site.

Last updated: July 20, 2023

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