Eagle Scout Projects

Prince William Forest Park is a great place to complete the service project requirements for the rank of Eagle Scout. A process has been developed to assist the park and youth gain the most benefit from the service project.

Two methods are available for scouts to choose from:
Method 1: Proposed project with park pre-planning not completed
Method 2: Proposed project with park compliance planning completed

Each of these methods will follow a process to track and monitor each step of the project. This will help the youth gain valuable experience and leadership skills during the project. Also, this will allow the park to monitor for compliance and resource protection.
Method 1: Proposed project with park pre-planning not completed

This method is up to the scout, they must concieve an idea based on what they see will be a benefit to the communitee that visits Prince William Forest Park. Example; the scout was visiting the park and noticed that a trail bridge was in disrepare. The scout could propose a project to repair or replace the existing bridge.

This method will take a little longer than method 2. The park has environmental compliance regulations that must be followed, this process can add a few weeks to the project timeline.

The park will only accept two projects under this method.
Method 2: Proposed project with park compliance planning completed

This method will be the quickest. Projects are defined by the park and planning compliance is already completed. The scout still needs to write a project proposal to be approved by the park Superintendent outlining how the project is to be completed.

The park will only have four of these projects available during the calendar year. As scouts are assigned one of the projects it will be udated to reflect status.

2018 projects
Project description Status

Getting Started

All scout candidates looking to complete their service project for the rank of Eagle Scout should first contact the park Volunteer Coordinator.

Volunteer Coordinator Kerri Syrus, 703-221-4706 x224, kerri_syrus@nps.gov

Directions will be provided on what steps need to be completed for either method. Before contacting the Volunteer Coordinator the scout should have some idea if they want to complete a pre-planned project or they have an idea for a new project.

Last updated: January 29, 2018

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