Your Entrance Fees at Work

Since 1988, Prince William Forest Park has charged an entrance fee, which later evolved into the Congressionally-authorized Recreation Fee Demonstration Program, which allows federal land-management agencies to increase and retain entrance and user fees. The purpose of the program is to demonstrate the feasibility of using increased fees for the operation and maintenance of parks.

In the past, fees were deposited into the U.S. Treasury without any direct return to the parks. In contrast, the fee demonstration program allows participating parks to keep up to 80 percent of the new fee revenues and makes the remaining 20 percent available to other sites in the National Park System that are most in need.

At Prince William Forest Park, entrance fee revenue is used to fund a variety of needed projects that help maintain visitor facilities. The following are some examples of visitor entrance fee money being used to increase or maintain visitor facitilies:

Infirmary photo CC 2

Infirmary at Cabin Camp 2

Lead paint abatement or removal was required at the infirmary at Cabin Camp 2 prior to this facility being open to the public.

Dining Hall photo CC 5

Cabin Camp 5 Dining Hall

New floor coverings were installed at Cabin Camp 5 dining hall with fee money.

Interior photo of Visitor Center

Visitor Center Interior

Recycled material was used to provide new carpeting in the visitor center.

Other projects include an improved handicap accessible trail to the Oak Ridge Campground amphitheater and a new pavilion for reservation use of groups at Telegraph Road Picnic Area.

Prince William Forest Park thanks you for helping to make the park a safe and enjoyable place to visit.

Last updated: April 10, 2015

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