Snakes are usually seen sunning themselves on the rocks along Quantico Creek or soaking up the warmth of the pavement on Scenic Drive.

If you see a snake along Scenic Drive or along Quantico Creek, please do not attempt to touch or move the snake. Whether walking or driving, please give the snake a wide berth and continue on your way.

Here are some of the snakes you might find in the park:

northern copperhead
Northern copperhead

Andrew Hoffman

Northern Copperhead - venomous
Many snakes can vary greatly in coloration, and the copperhead is no exception. They can range anywhere from a bright orange to tan, and all the way to a very dark brown. Copperheads do not possess rattle, but they are known to flick their tail against dry leaves so quickly that it can easily sound like a rattle to a surprised hiker.

Timber rattlesnake on the defense

Photo courtesy of Andrew Hoffman

Timber Rattlesnake - venomous
The timber rattlesnake is a fairly large snake with a wide body and the distinctive rattle on its tail that serves as a warning device when it is threatened. Their coloration varies as well, but they are typically a dark brown with diamond like patterns on its back. Both of our venomous snake species will not aggressively pursue a human and use their bite as a last defense.

northern ringneck

Andrew Hoffman

Northern Ringneck

Typically about one foot long, the northern ringneck primarily eats amphibians and insects.

black rat snake
Black rat snake

Andrew Hoffman

Black Rat Snake

Rat snakes can grow up to ten feet long, but are usually about five feet long when fully grown. As their name suggests, they eat mostly rodents, which they kill by constriction. They are harmless to humans.
Eastern garter snake

Andrew Hoffman

Eastern Garter Snake

Common throughout North America, the garter snake eats primarily slugs, worms, insects, and amphibians.

Last updated: September 19, 2017

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