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If you spot a fast streak of blue rushing under a rock at your approach, chances are you just spotted a skink. A skink is a type of lizard that can tolerate a temperate climate and enjoys living in building foundations, under logs, and in rock walls. They are extremely fast and you must be quick to see them out in the open. The young skinks have bright blue tails that will detach to help them escape from predators. They have very smooth skin and are sleek in appearance.

fence lizard sunning on a log

Sean McCann

Eastern Fence Lizard

These lizards can be even harder to spot than skinks! They have amazing camouflage and lightning quick speed. Fence lizards are most often seen on trees or possibly scurrying under a bush. They have a more typical 'lizard' appearance, with rough scaly skin.

Last updated: October 4, 2017

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