Coastal Dune Habitat Restoration Project: What to Expect During Construction

Yellow excavator burying non-native invasive European beachgrass in the dunes near Abbotts Lagoon.
Excavator burying non-native invasive European beachgrass in the dunes near Abbotts Lagoon during pilot dune restoration project.

Potential temporary impacts of construction include:

  1. Noise to visitors at Abbotts Lagoon;
  2. Potential intermittent traffic delays on Sir Francis Drake Blvd; and
  3. Possible temporary closure of beach areas directly adjacent to construction.

Construction equipment will generate noise, some of which may be audible to park visitors, especially in the vicinity of Abbotts Lagoon. Construction activities will include excavation and grading in areas south of Abbott's Lagoon.

Work at the site will occur between 7:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. There will be no work on weekends or government holidays without specific approval advance notification.

In addition, construction equipment will be transported to and from the project site which could generate noise and/or intermittent traffic delays along local roadways. Traffic delays will involve flagmen stopping traffic in one or both directions as trucks and other equipment enter or exit the site along Sir Francis Drake Boulevard near the North District Operations Center. This should cause no more than a 5-minute delay. Transportation of equipment should occur primarily at the beginning and end of the construction period. There will be no transportation of equipment on weekends or government holidays.

During restoration, some sections of the beach south of Abbotts Lagoon may need to be closed temporarily to ensure that public safety is not endangered by hazardous conditions that can occur during construction periods. The Park Service and contractors request that visitors strictly adhere to beach closure signs or information indicating active construction areas because these areas may not be safe for public visitation. The Park Service will strive to ensure that affected sections of beach and dunes are closed for the minimal time necessary to complete construction.

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Last updated: February 28, 2015

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