Camp Floyd/Stagecoach Inn State Park

Photo image of the Camp Floyd Pony Express Station.
Camp Floyd Stagecoach Inn & Pony Express Station.


Camp Floyd/Stagecoach Inn - Fairfield, Utah

Camp Floyd, established in 1858, was named for the secretary of war and commanded by Albert S. Johnston. It was the first military installation built in present-day Utah and formed the state's third largest community.

At the time of the Pony Express, Camp Floyd provided troops for protection against Indian attacks and served to keep the trail open for the Pony Express, stage lines, and other travelers. The Pony Express Station was a small adobe building that stood several hundred feet northeast of John Carson's Inn.

Though the Pony Express station has long since disappeared, the Inn still stands as the centerpiece of today's state park. The Inn has been restored and is open for visitation, the commissary building serves as a visitor center, and there is an interpretive wayside exhibit in the picnic area.

Camp Floyd/Stagecoach Inn State Park
18035 West 1540 North
Fairfield, UT 84013
Map image showing the location for the Camp Floyd Station.
Map image showing the location for the Camp Floyd Station.

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