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A triangle with "Pony Express" and a silhouette of a person on a horse.

NPS protected image/use requires permission by the Superintendent. Please contact us using the link above to request permission.

The official logo for the Pony Express National Historic Trail is used on signs for the trail's routes, to mark trail sites and segments, on official trails publications and other materials, and for other official trail uses. The logo represents the Pony Express Trail and all trail partners working toward the goals and objectives of the Comprehensive Management and Use Plan for the trail.

Official Logo Use

The National Park Service encourages the appropriate use of the logo by trail partners. However, the trail logo is viewed by law as a protected federal mark and cannot be used without the permission of the Superintendent of the National Trails office. For permission to use the logo, please contact us.


The iconic "Pony Rider" in full gallop is represented on the Pony Express Trail logo. A pony rider would travel 75 - 100 miles, at around 10 mph during their shift. And the horses are iconic too! They would travel around 10- 15 miles before they were switched out for a fresh horse. The mochilla featured on the saddle in the logo contained the mail the rider would carry.

Last updated: July 20, 2023

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