Mausoleum for Ulysses S Grant

front of tomb with dome, columns, flags and people walking on broad steps
Banners and Buntings adorn the Mausoleum for Ulysses S. Grant during summer months

NPS Photo / Sierra Willoughby (Public Domain)

Quick Facts
Manhattan, New York, NY
Presidential Burial Site
National Memorial

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Also known as Grants Tomb by locals, the mausoleum at General Grant National Memorial is the final resting place for American Civil War Union General and 18th U.S. President Ulysses S. Grant and his wife Julia Dent Grant. Each of thier remains lie within two 8 1/2 ton red Montello Granite Sarcophogi in the center of the round crypt watched over by five busts of Union generals that served under Grant: Sherman, McPherson, Ord, Thomas, and Sheridan. Architect John H. Duncan, who was selected by the Grant Monument Association in 1890, was inspired in part by Napolean's Tomb in Les Invalides, France as well as Helicarnassus in Ancient Greece.  

General Grant National Memorial

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Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day! Join Ranger Jeffrey Stein for a tour of the outside and Inside of the Mausoleum at General Grant National Memorial and learn how Grant's legacy set the stage for civil rights a nearly a century before Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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Last updated: February 18, 2021