Lobanillo Swales

A dense forest of lush green vegetation with an eroded channel in the leaf-covered ground.
You can see trail remnants at Lobanillo Swales.


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A state historic marker in nearby Geneva says that the historic Spanish rancho known as El Lobanillo was located nearby. The rancho included the pueblo of Gil Y'Barbo (1729-1809), a refuge used by his ailing mother and other refugees in 1773 when Spain evacuated colonists from western Louisiana and East Texas. It was given as a land grant to Juan Ignacio Pifermo in 1794, and inherited in the early 1800s by John Maximillian (ca. 1778-1866).

Two sets of deep and parallel swales extend about one-quarter mile through the forest. One set of swales has seven parallel ruts reaching a depth of 18 feet and 12 feet wide. The quiet surroundings and tall pine trees give a sense of what the area was like hundreds of years ago.

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Last updated: August 11, 2020