Historic Trails Park (Marshall's Ferry)

Dirt round lined with grass meadows and trees passing by a wood, replica rope ferry
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Marshall's Ferry was a major crossing of the Big Blue River near Marysville, Kansas. The Oregon and California trails, along with several others, converged here to cross the river. Seeing a great business opportunity, in 1852 Francis Marshall moved to Marysville from Missouri with the purpose of establishing a ferry on the Big Blue. On a knoll a short distance from the river, Marshall built his base of operations. He then constructed a rope ferry across the river and charged up to $5.00 per wagon to use it. The ferry was very popular- at times, thousands of emigrants would be camped here, waiting for days for their turn to cross. Illness quickly spread through these camps and emigrant deaths were a common occurrence.

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Today, Marshall's Ferry is part of the Historic Trails Park. The park contains several interpretive waysides that tell the story and a full-size, replica rope ferry. 


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