Grant Village Backcountry Office

Man in turquoise shirt and tan pants walking into front door of building at the top of four steps marked Backcountry permits.  A sign on left side of building says visitor center to the left.
Backcountry office entrance

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Grant Village

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2024 Season

  • Backcountry Permits are available 8:00 am to 4:30 pm daily.
  • For help during non peak season, call the Central Backcountry Office at 307-344-2160
  • Purchase fishing permits, entrance passes, Interagency Senior and Access passes, overnight backcountry camping permits, float tube permits, and non-fee horseback day riding permits.
  • Trail, hiking, and horseback riding information

Overnight Backcountry Camping

Permits are required year-round for all overnight stays in Yellowstone's backcountry. A backcountry permit allows the permit holder and group members to camp in a designated backcountry location. Permits are not required for day hiking. Boat related backcountry permits can only be picked up at the Bridge Bay Ranger Station, Grant Backcountry Office, or Snake River Ranger Station.

Backcountry Fees

Recreation Fee: $5 per person, per night, plus a $10 reservation fee. Fees apply to all ages. The recreation fee is charged year-round, whether secured through or in-person at a backcountry office.

Boats & Float Tubes

Boat Permits and Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) Inspections are required for all boats and float tubes. Boating is not allowed on Yellowstone's rivers (this includes float tubes).Please view our boating regulations for futher details.

Boat permits (motorized, non-motorized, and float tubes) can be acquired at the Lewis Lake Ranger Station, Grant Ranger Station, and Bridge Bay Ranger Station. Float tube permits are also available at the Bechler Ranger Station,Snake River Ranger Station, West Yellowstone Visitor Information Center, Mammoth Backcountry office (Located in the Albright Visitor Center), and Northeast Entrance Station.

Backcountry Office Locations

  • Albright Visitor Center (basement)
  • Tower Ranger Station
  • Bridge Bay Ranger Station
  • Grant Village Visitor Center
  • Snake River Ranger Station
  • Bechler Ranger Station
  • West Yellowstone Visitor Information Center


Advanced reservations can be made online at or in-person at one of the park's backcountry offices. Reservations must be converted into a permit, in person at a backcountry office no more than two days before the trip start date.

Detailed information on advanced reservations is available online.

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Last updated: June 3, 2024