Confederate Cannon at Worthington

A reproduction Civil War next to a red brick two-story house.
During the Battle of Monocacy, Confederates placed a cannon next to the Worthington's home.


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Frederick, Maryland
Battle of Monocacy
National Battlefield, National Register of Historic Places, National Historic Landmark

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The battle had been raging for almost six hours when around 2 pm McLaughlin's battery of Confederate artillery was brought across the Worthington-McKinney Ford to support Gordon's attack. One gun was positioned beside the Worthington House, while the others were placed at surrounding vantage points. The nearby Thomas House was struck by Confederate cannon fire and sustained major damage; the Worthington House was not damaged by artillery fire.

Of the artillery pieces brough across the ford by Confederate troops, the piece adjacent to the Worthington House is the only one whose specific location is known.

Monocacy National Battlefield

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6 minutes, 55 seconds

Confederate cavalry crossed at a ford along the Monocacy River, moved across the fields of the Worthington House and moved to attack the Union line at the Thomas Farm. This was all occurring under the watchful eye of 6-year-old Glenn Worthington.

Last updated: March 25, 2021