A Good Drink of Water

A Good Drink of Water
A Good Drink of Water
PIPE SPRING 1859—Arrived about noon hungry, tired, and thirsty. I now treated myself to a good drink of water, took breakfast & rested myself. . . Plenty of feed and good water at this place. -Thales Haskell, 25-year-old Mormon frontiersman

In all the living memories of Paiute people, pioneers, and the National Park Service, the water has always been available here at Pipe Spring. How many gallons flow per day changes with rain, snow, or drought. It’s not enough water to start a settlement, but this dependable spring could keep a clan, large family, or livestock ranch alive amidst what explorer John Wesley Powell called a “barren wilderness of rock.” In this oasis, every story flows from the year-round presence of water.

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