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For centuries, bubbling spring water found beneath bright vermilion cliffs has drawn people and animals to Pipe Spring National Monument. Today, the monument preserves the history of ancient and western life at the center of one of the most dramatic landscapes in the United States. Explore the links below to learn about prehistoric peoples, Kaibab Paiute traditions, and European settlement on the Arizona Strip.

Ancestral Puebloans, Kaibab Paiutes, and members of the Mormon Church seeking religious freedom found refuge at Pipe Spring. Learn more about the history and culture of those who called this place home.

Animals such as great horned owls, desert bighorn, mule deer, ravens, tiger salamanders, bats, and monarch butterflies use the waters at Pipe Spring as a place to refresh and refuel. Learn more about the wild residents of the monument and current scientific research.

Pipe Spring recently launched a regional education program that serves local schools including Fredonia, Kanab, and Hurricane. Learn more about activities for kids or contact us if you'd like to bring a class.

Last updated: September 15, 2015

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