Raptor Advisories

Prairie Falcon Fledglings
Prairie Falcon fledglings, flaring wings after first flight.

Photo by Gavin Emmons

Raptor Advisories Have Been Lifted For 2017

All rock climbing and advosry areas are open to visitors as of the effective date, June 30th, 2017. For more information on rock climbing and advisories at Pinnacles, please visit the Friends of Pinnacles and Mud N' Crud websites.

This season, 15 prairie falcon young fledged from 4 nests and 5 additional nests failed, likely due to nest predation. 7 peregrine falcon young fledged successfully from 2 nests. Thirty additional raptor nests were documented this year, including 10 owl nests representing 3 species, as well as red-tailed and red-shouldered hawks and American kestrels.

Prairie falcon productivity in 2017 was below average compared to the 30-year averages for the raptor monitoring program, likely due to predation of falcon eggs and young during the breeding period. Climbers did an excellent job of respecting advisory closures and assisting park managers in the protection of these beautiful birds of prey.

For more information about raptors at the park, please refer to the Raptors page.

Barn Owl Nestlings
Barn Owl nestlings, in cliff cavity nest

Photo by Gavin Emmons

Raptor Advisory Information
To maximize the potential of successful nest establishment, Pinnacles National Park requests that all visitors refrain from rock climbing and off-trail hiking in sensitive areas during the advisory periods.

These protective measures usually remain in effect until June or July. However, as nesting activity is monitored by Park staff, additional sensitive areas may be identified and listed. Some areas may also be opened. Please check with a ranger or carefully examine the Climbing Information Bulletin Board as you plan you climbing and hiking trips.

This advisory does not affect hiking along the Park's primary trail system. All designated trails will remain fully accessible by park visitors. Climbers should continue to use designated "Climber Access Routes" in all areas of the Park. Special care is requested for those areas most heavily impacted by climbing: Discovery Wall, Elephant Rock, Machete, Upper Crust, the Camel, and the Sisters.

Please remember that intentionally disturbing wildlife nesting, breeding, and other activities is a violation of Title 36 of the Code of Federal Regulations (Section 2.2 (a) (2)). The Raptor Advisory System has been in effect since 1988. We would like to thank you for your assistance in protecting these magnificent birds. By coming to Pinnacles and following these recommendations, you become a partner in managing the Park's resources. You are a vital component to the success of maintaining raptors. Without your cooperation, park staff could not protect the natural resources. You help make Pinnacles a special place.


Last updated: December 7, 2017

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