Pinnacles National Park Proposes Phased in Fee Increases

Paicines, CA, USA –Pinnacles National Parkwill be holding open forums to discuss possible fee increases from 2015 through 2019. The current park entrance feeshavebeen in place since August 2014.The National Park Service is proposing to increase the entrance fees as follows:

Per Person (Entry Valid for 7 Days) from - $5.00 to $10.00 in 2015 and $12 by 2017

Per Motorcycle (Entry Valid for 7 Days) from $10.00 to $15.00 in 2015 and $20 in 2017

Per Vehicle (Entry Valid for 7 Days) from $10.00 to $15.00 in August 2015 to $20.00 in 2017 and to $25.00 in 2019

Park Annual Pass (Entry Valid for 1 year form Date of Purchase) from $15.00 to $25.00 in 2015 to $35 in 2017 and $50 in 2019.

These rates will bring the park in line with other similar National Parks.

Entrance fees are not charged to persons under 16 years of age or holders of the Interagency Annual Pass or Federal Recreational Senior, Access, or Military Passes. These passes may be obtained at the Park.

"We recognize the need to keep the park experience affordable while at the same time balancing the need to improve the park facilities," said Pinnacles National Park Superintendent Karen Beppler-Dorn. "The money from the most recent fee increase was used to implement a shuttle system throughout the park.Increasing entrance fees will be used for improvements at the park in visitor facilities such as restrooms, campgrounds, a visitor center, and improved trail signage."

Other projects that have been completed as a result of fee money include: Trail improvements on the High Peaks Trail, new road signs, and rehabilitation of resource damage.

PinnaclesNational Park is a strong economic engine for the surrounding area.In 2013, more than 237,677 park visitors contributed $13,000,000 to the local economy and supported 158jobs related to tourism.

Comments on the Fee Increases may be posted on the park facebook page.Comment cards will also be available at park visitor centers.Comments may be directed to the Park Public Affairs Officer Jan Lemons at e-mail us or 831-389-4486 X237.

Following the public engagementfeedback will determine how, or if, a fee increase would be implemented. A public meeting is scheduled for Saturday December 13th at 2pm in PinnaclesNational Park Campground Amphitheatre.Comments will be accepted via telephone, online, and in person until January 4th, 2015.


Park Talking Points for Fee Increases and Updated Entrance Fee Rate Schedule

·The National Park Service has updated the current entrance fee schedule, which has not changed since 2008.Currently, only 131 of the 401 National Park Service units collect entrance fees.

·Beginning in 2015, parks are authorized to change their recreation fee rates to align with the new rate schedule, after they have actively engaged the public and stakeholders about proposed changes and impacts.The decision to adjust fees will be made locally, with input from local communities, to ensure that the fee increases are implemented in a way that works best for parks and visitors.

oAs part of the civic engagement required for this fee change, parks will communicate directly with their Congressional delegations, local and state governmental and non- governmental contacts, key stakeholders and the public.

oBased on feedback received through civic engagement, parks will develop an implementation strategy that meets the needs and expectations of the community.New fee implementation may begin in 2015, but in some cases, parks may choose to phase in rates over several years.

oParks must document the results of these outreach efforts, which must be considered by the park and approved by the Director of the NPS before any increased fees are implemented.

oAuthorized changes may include entrance fees, expanded amenity fees (campground, tours, etc.), transportation fees, and special recreation permits.

·The majority of fees have not increased since 2006, and there continues to be a growing need for funds to improve facilities, infrastructure and visitor services in parks.

·The new revenue from the fee increases will be used to provide enhanced visitor services including repair and maintenance of facilities, capital improvements, enhanced amenities, resource protection and additional visitor programs and services.There will be an emphasis on park improvements prior to the NPS centennial anniversary in 2016.

·The National Park Service will be updating its entrance fee rate schedule as follows:


Annual Pass

Per Vehicle

Per Person






















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Pinnacles National Park Fee Increase
On August 1, 2014 the 7 day entrance pass for Pinnacles National Park will increase to $10 for passenger vehicles and motorcycles; bicycle and pedestrian entry will increase to $5.00. The Pinnacles Annual Pass will also increase on August 1 to $20.00. This is the first fee increase at the park since the 1990s.

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